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Australis Opal Watches are gifts that capture the essence of Australia: Australia Gift Shop presents each Australian watch gift-boxed.

Australis Opal Watches are gifts for all occasions, whether personal or within the family or in a corporate or business situation.

An Australis Opal Watch represents the perfect executive corporate gift for any Australian company or corporate office to give a highly-valued executive, business associate, employee in a branch office abroad or international client.

Opal was declared Australia’s National Gemstone on the 28th of July, 1994. Over 90 per cent of the world’s precious opal is from Australia. Opals are gems that are distinctively Australian.

Australian Opal Watch in Australia Gift Shop’s range of Australis Opal Watches – Ideal Australian corporate gifts

Australian Opal Watches from Australia Gift Shop are gifts for all occasions, including corporate and business.


Australian gifts that you wish to present as memorable corporate gifts do not come better than the new Australis Boulder Opal Watches at Australia Gift Shop at . Each of these stylish timepieces features a stunning play of colour from a face of boulder opal within an 18 carat gold-plated case that houses a Swiss quartz movement.

Boulder Opal is unique to Australia. It was discovered in 1873. Boulder opal is the term used to describe precious opal that has formed as part of ironstone boulders (or rocks) by impregnating the rock and in-filling cracks and cavities. Opals are believed to bring good luck and happiness to those fortunate enough to wear them.

As a supplier of distinctively Australian corporate gifts that are ready to give, Australia Gift Shop stocks gift-boxed, opal-faced wrist watches featuring Australian boulder opal directly from Australis Gems. These quality Swiss movement watches truly capture the essence of Australia’s magnificent landscape of colours. Aside from incorporating Australia’s striking national gemstone, each wrist watch is presented in a solid, black gift box and includes a 12 month International Warranty.

An Opal Watch will be greatly appreciated as a stylish corporate gift and is unique as a memento of Australia, while serving as an up-market designer accessory which is both functional and attractive.

Each timepiece has a robust 18ct gold plated watch case, water resistant construction and mineral crystal glass. “Australis” is printed in gold letters on the dial (or face), while the case back is etched with a map of Australia.

Where can Australis Opal Watches be purchased?

  • Opal Watches can be purchased from the Australia Gift Shop product displays online at      .
  • Online shopping at Australia Gift Shop begins at . You will find an extensive range of colourful and stylish Australian Corporate Gifts including Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts and Australiana / Aussie-Themed Gifts.
  • Contact Australia Gift Shop  (07) 41593043    (within Australia)
  • Contact Australia Gift Shop  +61 7 41593043   (outside Australia)

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