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Boxed Boomerang : Dot Art Hand Painted 6" with Display Stand
Boxed Boomerang : Dot Art Hand Painted 6" with Display Stand
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This boxed set contains a display stand with a small brass plaque plus a dot art hand-painted 6-inch boomerang. The boomerang is a uniquely themed work of art featuring Australian Aboriginal dot art. This highly colourful artwork began its development as sand paintings of the indigenous Aboriginal tribespeople of the deserts of Central Australia.

The throwing stick is made from genuine hardwood, flighted to return & NOT ONE OF THEM IS PAINTED LIKE ANOTHER. SO PLEASE UNDERSTAND, THE DISPLAY PICTURE IS A ONE-OFF. However, they do all display the artistic language of dot art which employs symbols to convey elements of traditional tribal culture and spiritual beliefs.

Each one of these boomerangs is hand-painted using a symbolic dot art design and finished with two coats of full gloss lacquer.

Custom Engraving of these Corporate Gifts:
Each Boxed Boomerang comes with a timber display stand that includes an engraved brass plaque. We do not custom engrave the plaques. However, we can supply the timber display stands with unattached BLANK brass plaques. The customer can then arrange to have the blank plaques custom engraved by their own engraver.

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