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Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts - Australian Business Conference Gift Ideas

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Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts from Australia

Merchandise and artifacts featuring stylish Aboriginal art dreaming designs are becoming increasingly popular as corporate gifts.

Our online shop, Australia Gift Shop, specialises in Australian Aboriginal art corporate gifts for both the Australian domestic market and the corporate gift market worldwide.

Corporate customers in Australia require corporate gifts that can be displayed on office desks and in the company office of their business colleagues after they return to their country from meetings and corporate events such as conferences, conventions and trade fairs in Australia. Also, Hotel room gifts and final night gifts for conference delegates are constantly in demand.

For business travellers, taking corporate gifts overseas to hand out strategically while on a business trip abroad is a wise, diplomatic and thoughtful approach. It helps to foster goodwill, open communication channels and smooth trade and business transactions.

When is Aboriginal Art the Smart Gift to Give?

For Australian business people and corporate representatives who are visiting clients or business colleagues overseas, giving Aboriginal art corporate gifts is the perfect way to show appreciation for their good work or for choosing to transact business with their organisation.

Foreign delegates and professional and business associates visiting Australia or working in branch offices overseas truly appreciate a distinctive cultural memento of Australia. Australian Aboriginal art certainly epitomises an unique and distinctive aspect of Australia, the Australian bush and the Aussie Outback.

Most Popular Range of Corporate Gift Products

Our most popular range of corporate gift products is the Boxed Boomerang with Display Stand. There is a choice in size between 6-inch, 10-inch or 14-inch artifacts and a choice in Indigenous artwork design between the Black Wattle Series, the modern as "Hardwood Boomerang : Australian Made Artefact" typically reinforce the origin of the authentic gift. Think Australian corporate gifts - think boxed boomerangs!

Aboriginal artifacts are an ideal memento of Australia for displaying on a desk, in an office, on a reception counter or in a company board room.

The Ultimate Aboriginal Art Corporate Gift

The ultimate Aboriginal art corporate gift is essentially an investment and high-end decor piece. Here we refer to a gallery painting, an Aboriginal art painting on canvas from our Aboriginal Art Gallery for Investors and Collectors of Authentic Fine Art.

Every Aboriginal Art Painting in this collection has been created by a widely-recognised Australian Aboriginal or Indigenous artist. These works are part of the canon of Authentic Aboriginal artworks by artists who have already made a name for themselves in the established Aboriginal art market.

Each of the paintings is accompanied by a COA or Certificate of Authenticity. Where stated, a photograph of the artist is also included with the painting.

Customised Logos are Not Printed on Hand-Painted Artefacts

Sometimes, corporate buyers ask if we can print their company logo or event logo on gifts. The answer is that we do not print customised logos on our products because they are hand-painted, not printed.

However, if a logo is absolutely essential, we do recommend that you place a sticker of your logo on the item or on the lid of boxed corporate gifts such as boomerangs or other Aboriginal artifacts that are supplied with display stands and packaged in gift boxes. This also applies to sets of table mats and coasters, Aboriginal art watches and men's ties, coffee table books or tableware metal art.

The exception applies to a MINIMUM PURCHASE OF 1000 of any particular Aboriginal art product PER ORDER. This is because 1000 is our minimum number required to cost-effectively have a print run set up to include a corporate logo or event logo.

Australian Corporate Gifts Without Aboriginal Art Designs

Australiana themes and Aussie icons that have no references to Aboriginal art are featured on many of our corporate gifts. Some of the perennial favourites in this product range include Hardcover Coffee Table Books about Australia, Macadamia Nuts in Resealable Pouch (choc-coated or honey-roasted) and luxury Metal Tableware ( available gift boxed ) with Aussie motifs such as Flowering Gum.

These beautiful tableware and home ware pieces are made from a metal alloy that never needs to be polished. Metalware items include plates, fruit bowls, nut bowls, drink coasters and trinket / jewellery boxes.

All of our Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts are Australian-Made

All of the products that display Aboriginal art designs are created in Australia and handpainted or printed from artwork painted or drawn by Australian Aboriginal artists.
Also, all of these Aboriginal art corporate gifts are made in Australia.

Corporate Gift Ideas from our Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts Product Range

We offer an extensive range of stylish Aboriginal art products that are ideal as corporate gifts.

Aboriginal art gift ideas vary from cultural Indigenous artefacts, through to watches for female and male executives, to tableware, office decor and wooden handpainted trinket boxes.

The latter products include boomerang-shaped timber trinket boxes or jewellery boxes that are handpainted by Aboriginal artists. The wooden trinket boxes in the shape of a small boomerang are extremely popular as hotel room gifts for visiting corporate events delegates.

An Australian Corporate Gift Pack in an Aboriginal Art Tote Bag is the perfect thank-you gift to give a foreign delegate for attending a corporate, business or trade conference, convention or event in Australia.

Examples of Aboriginal artifacts, aside from the boomerang are emu callers, music sticks (clapsticks) and bullroarers, not to mention the didgeridoo.

The didgeridoo is an Australian Aboriginal musical instrument that is made from an Australian Mallee gum tree branch that is hollowed out by termites to fashion the branch into a traditional horn-like droning wind instrument played by Aborigines as part of sacred tribal ceremonies celebrating and supplicating the Dreamtime spirits that walked the Earth during the time of Creation, the Dreamtime.

Aboriginal Artifacts on Display Stands are Highly Effective as Corporate Gifts.

Aboriginal artifacts that rate highly as corporate gifts are those which are gift-boxed and accompanied by a display stand.

These have a powerful presence as decor in corporate executive offices, business reception areas and conference rooms. They harness a strength of goodwill as surprise gifts placed with an accompanying gift card on a hotel guest room bedside table prior to the arrival of conference delegates who are the room guests. Hotel room gifts are increasingly being found to make a deep impression and have a seriously positive influence on reducing resistance and increasing the rate of success in international business meetings

The Powerful Impact of Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts Presented Thoughtfully

The impact on the recipient of such distinctive hotel room gifts displayed as a surprise can be transformative like magic in terms of corporate communication and business relations. When presented thoughtfully, Aboriginal art corporate gifts have a symbolic power of expression that communicates gratitude, trust, pride, respect and anticipation that is far beyond the everyday.

Australian Indigenous artefacts are decorated with highly representative and powerfully symbolic Aboriginal artwork that heightens positive feelings, sparks curiosity and engenders receptivity in communications.
This becomes clearer and the sense of hype fades away when we consider the nature of these material objects in greater depth. Artifacts such as emu callers, wooden digging / gathering bowls (coolamon), music sticks (clapsticks) and bullroarers evoke images of tribal activities from a distant time in a place that is unique. They are magnetic to the memory and function in the mind of the recipient to create a strong memory of the event of receiving plus a poignant reminder of the gift giver.

So the Aboriginal art gifts are associated with these memories which include the corporate gift giver - somewhat like a corporate advertisement that re-runs countless times. The gifts are undeniably promotional gifts and the media exposure (in the recipient's head space) is free!

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