Australian Aboriginal Art Gifts featuring Indigenous Artwork by Aboriginal Artists

Aboriginal Art Gifts - Indigenous Artists

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Aboriginal Art Gifts, Corporate Gifts and Homewares

Australia Gift Shop curates traditional Aboriginal art and design created in the contemporary environment by Aboriginal artists around Australia. The purpose is to select and collect a range of lifestyle and business event gifts and souvenirs for people to share and enjoy both abroad & within Australia!
Our Aboriginal art products feature original authentic Indigenous artworks that are either hand painted designs or printed reproductions. They are made in Australia.

Aboriginal Art Gifts : featuring artwork by Australian Indigenous artists.

Artwork and design of our Aboriginal hand painted and printed items are attributable to many Aboriginal artists including:

Aboriginal artist sisters, Kristy Naden and Glenny Naden of the Wiradjuri, Gubbi Gubbi and Wakka Wakka Aboriginal nations of Australia in Central NSW and South-East QLD.

Various local Aboriginal artists in Sydney (mainly of the Eora First People) who paint the boomerangs and other artefacts and some of the timber homewares and home decor.

Marsha Hall – Aboriginal artist, illustrator & educator of the Thainakuit tribe around Weipa in Far North Queensland.

- Our small unframed paintings on canvas each has the artist's name on the back of the canvas;

- Hand painted canvases in our "Aboriginal Art Gallery of Collectible Australian Aboriginal Art". are all signed on the back of the canvas + include a photo of the artist holding the painting & a certificate of authenticity. These artists have included renowned and major Aboriginal artists such as Gloria Petyarre, Louise Numina, Caroline Numina, Mitjili Napurrula, Margaret Turner Petyarre and Alice Napanangka Granites.

- Bundgalung of the Kamilaroi (also spelled Gamilaraay / Gamilaroi) Tribe of the Hunter Valley in NSW.

- Colin Jones of the Kalkadoon Nation in Northern New South Wales. From one of his parents, he is also a descendant of the Nunuckle (also spelled Noonuccal) Nation of Stradbroke Island off Brisbane.

- Meriki Hill of the Thunghutti (also spelled Dunghutti) Nation of Northern New South Wales, around Kempsey.

Susan Betts - Artist, Teacher, Entrepreneur of the Kokata, Wirangu and Mirning tribal groups from South Australia.

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The below collage of photos of some of our Aboriginal art products – was posted by Australia Gift Shop on Instagram - . As stated in the Instagram post:

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