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Aboriginal Art Gallery of Australian Indigenous artworks by major Aboriginal artists of Australia

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Australian Aboriginal art in Australia Gift Shop's Aboriginal Art Gallery consists of artworks painted exclusively by major Aboriginal artists.
These paintings on canvas are highly collectible art investment pieces. Art collectors and investors in gallery works by major Aboriginal artists are involved in public, private and corporate acquisitions - both within Australia and internationally

Our Aboriginal Art Gallery collection currently includes paintings by major Aboriginal artists such as Gloria Petyarre, Louise Numina, Caroline Numina, Mitjili Naparrula, Alice Napanangka and Margaret Turner. The first three of these Indigenous artists originally come from the highly-esteemed art community of Utopia in the Central Eastern Desert of Australia's Northern Territory.

All of the artworks by the abovementioned artists are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a photo of the artist holding her painting and a tax invoice

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Aboriginal Art Gallery of Collectible Australian Aboriginal Art
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Alice Napanangka Granites : Bush Vines (1) 42x40cm
Item ID: AFA-ANG-1
Artist bio: Alice Napanangka
List Price: $825.00
Price: $412.50
Caroline Numina Pananka : Kurrajong Bush Medicine Leaves1
Artist bio: Caroline Numina
List Price: $1287.00
Price: $643.50
Out of Stock
Caroline Numina Pananka : Kurrajong Bush Medicine Leaves2
About the artist,
Caroline Numina
List Price: $1170.00
Price: $585.00
Gloria Petyarre Tamerre : Medicine Leaves 3
Item ID: AFA-GP-3
About the artist,
Gloria Petyarre

List Price: $3270.00
Price: $1635.00
Out of Stock
Louise Numina Pananka : Kurrajong Seeding 'Bush Medicine Leaves'
List Price: $1675.00
Price: $837.50
Margaret Turner Petyarre : Wild Yam Dreaming
List Price: $2120.00
Price: $847.00