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Aboriginal Artifacts : Australian-made Indigenous Artefacts featuring Aboriginal Art

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Aboriginal Artifacts / Artefacts displaying Australian Aboriginal Art

All our Aboriginal artifacts are made in Australia and feature Aboriginal art by Australian Aboriginal artists.

Australia Gift Shop's Australian-made Aboriginal artifacts sell as Indigenous art gifts, gift-boxed corporate gifts and travel souvenirs. Our range of cultural Aboriginal artefacts includes tribal ceremonial clapsticks or corroboree music sticks, hunting and returning boomerangs, bullroarers and emu callers. We have other product display pages exclusively for boomerangs and boxed boomerangs as corporate gifts.

Whether you spell the word for these cultural objects as artifacts or artefacts, these tools from the stone age display beautiful Aboriginal art hand painted by Aboriginal artists.

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A Mini Didgeridoo Stand
Product ID: STND-DGP
Stand for Mini-Didgeridoo
Price: $19.25
Aboriginal Art Framed Artifact : 4 options
Price: $42.90
Aboriginal Art Framed Artifact : Four options
Price: $32.45
Bullroarer : Classic Traditional Hand Painted
Product ID: BRHPCL
Only small size (18cm / 7 inch) in stock.
Price: $20.35
Bullroarer : Modern Hand Painted
Product ID: BRHP/MOD
Price: $21.73
Clap Sticks : Boxed Set of 2 Modern Design Handpainted Music Sticks with Display Stand
Product ID: CBX-MOD
Price: $43.12
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