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Aboriginal Art is Where Lightning Strikes

Aboriginal art paintings of power and authenticity are born out of interaction between spiritual intangibles and the touch of Indigenous humankind. Human creativity and Dreamtime creation intersect and connect to establish a current of inspiration that indelibly burns a surface with a poignant image.

Aboriginal Art Paintings by major Australian Indigenous Artists are for sale online from Australia Gift Shop's Aboriginal Art Gallery for Collectors, Investors and as High-End Corporate Gifts.

Aboriginal Art Products, Paintings and Artifacts are resplendent in their colourful and creative artwork at Australia Gift Shop – located at the Red Centre of this map of the world.

The artwork is that image and the canvas or artefact / artifact is that surface where a force both within and beyond nature is harnessed like electricity as it is captured by the Aboriginal artist. The Dreamtime symbolism strikes with a searing flash that brands its likeness onto a canvas to manifest a sacred object known as an Aboriginal art painting 

According to Australian Aboriginal mythology, the earth was created during the Dreamtime when the spirit ancestors became the natural features of the landscape, sacred ground. In Aboriginal art, there is significant focus on the stories of the Dreamtime, the ancestral spirits and the sacred land.

Increasing sophistication and cultural eclecticism in the use of artistic skills and techniques by Indigenous artists in Australia, has clearly also resulted in many works of Aboriginal art that are beyond sacred. By this, I mean that they are not solely anthropological wonders – they are aesthetic gifts and great works of art in their own right.

Aboriginal art paintings on canvas, boomerangs and other Aboriginal artifacts available at Australia Gift Shop are all created in Australia and painted by Aboriginal artists or printed with Aboriginal art designs created by Australian Indigenous artists.

Australia Gift Shop only sells Aboriginal art paintings and artefacts that are truly authentic Aboriginal art.  

To explore true blue authentic Aboriginal art, begin browsing product displays in our online gift shop at .

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