Aboriginal Art Painting by a Late, Great Indigenous Artist For Sale At Huge Discount

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this document may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

Aboriginal art paintings by a major Australian Aboriginal artist are highly coveted by Indigenous art collectors and art connoisseurs around the world.  This is especially the case when the artist is one of Australia’s late, great Indigenous artists.

"Wild Yam Dreaming" by Margaret Turner Petyarre : Australian Aboriginal Art Collectible Painting from Utopia
“Wild Yam Dreaming” by Margaret Turner Petyarre : Australian Aboriginal Art Collectible Painting from Utopia

This renowned Central Australian Indigenous artist was a cousin of Kathleen and Gloria Petyarre and painted in the women’s ceremony body paint design (awelye) and bush tucker gathering traditions of the artists of Utopia in the Central Desert of the Northern Territory. Australia Gift Shop’s Aboriginal Art Gallery is now offering a classic Margaret Turner Petyarre original acrylic on canvas at the seriously reduced price of 57.5 percent below list price.

The painting is titled “Wild Yam Dreaming”. The subject matter is in keeping with the tribal women’s food gathering responsibilities in the traditional hunter-gatherer society of Australia’s Aborigines. The artist paints these bush tucker related designs because according to traditional tribal rights and responsibilities, they are part of her dreamings or what could be referred to as her tribal guardianship – a sacred responsibility. An Australian Aboriginal dreaming is analagous to a totem in North American native cultures. In relation to women’s tribal responsibilities, bush tucker refers to the native food gathered in the bush, including yams, native fruits and berries and medicinal leaves.

Margaret Turner Petyarre was born in Alpurrurulam (aka Lake Nash) on the north-eastern edge of the Utopia region in the Central Desert of the Northern Territory in Central Australia. Utopia is famous for its deeply respected Aboriginal women artists who became nationally and internationally renowned, such as Margaret’s famously artistic cousins, Gloria Petyarre and Kathleen Petyarre.

The dimensions of the canvas are 96cm x 80cm. The artwork is acrylic on canvas, with the specific medium being 12-ounce double- primed cotton canvas. The work of art comes unstretched.

When this painting is taken to a local picture framer, the framing job can easily be done without the loss of any of the painted work, so there will be no disappointment, only satisfaction. This is because the canvas of this painting has at least a 5cm border (top and bottom) and a 3cm border (on each side) to allow for framing or wood mounting. The border exists due to the actual painted area centred within the canvas being approximately 90cm x 69cm.

This Aboriginal art painting was completed in 2007, eight months before the artist sadly passed away. It is in excellent condition and signed on the back by the artist.

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the artwork and is included with a photo of the artist holding her painting.

Delivery is free of charge – both within Australia and Overseas.

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