Australia Gift Shop Presents Lots of Ideas for Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts

Australia Gift Shop offers an extensive range of stylish Aboriginal art products that are ideal as corporate gifts.

Aboriginal art corporate gift ideas vary from cultural Indigenous artefacts ( such as clap sticks and boomerangs, gift-boxed with timber display stands ), through to Aboriginal art watches and hand-crafted metal artwork tableware such as plates, fruit bowls and nut bowls.

Sets of place mats / table mats and drink coasters featuring Aboriginal art designs are perennially popular as gifts in corporate settings. Office décor such as framed Aboriginal art paintings and wooden handpainted trinket boxes have proven to be effective and expressive tokens of appreciation as gifts to overseas at business events and corporate conferences.

The latter products include boomerang-shaped timber trinket boxes or jewellery boxes that are handpainted by Aboriginal artists. The wooden trinket boxes in the shape of a small boomerang are extremely popular as hotel room gifts for foreign guests visiting Australia on a business trip to attend an industry conference or any manner of corporate event.

Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts are a speciality of Australia Gift Shop - Trinket Box - Timber, Boomerang-Shaped, 8 inches long
Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts are a speciality of Australia Gift Shop. Image above: Popular hotel room gift for conference delegates visiting Australia from overseas: Trinket Box – Timber featuring Aboriginal Art, Boomerang-Shaped, 8 inches long.

Our Aussie Corporate Gift Pack in an Aboriginal Art Tote Bag is the perfect thank-you gift to give a foreign delegate for attending a trade conference or corporate event in Australia.

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Online shopping at Australia Gift Shop begins at gift product displays begin at . You will find an extensive range of colourful and stylish Australian Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts and Australiana / Aussie-Themed Corporate Gifts. Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts are becoming increasingly popular with MICE professionals / event managers responsible for corporate gift buying in the business events industry

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