Australian Themed Gifts For Men From Australia Gift Shop

“ Gifts For Men Featuring Australian Themes ” was the first flash of a title for this blog post. Luckily, I realised that the men don’t need to be distinctively Aussie, but men are the intended recipients for these gifts which are thematically and essentially Australian in character. In fact, Australia Gift Shop has a […]

Australia Gift Shop, Australian Gifts and the Tale of the Kangaroo

As you will soon realise, the irony of this story is that Australia Gift Shop sells Australian gifts, many of which feature the very-Aussie image of a kangaroo. In fact, we presently have 41 different product lines of Aussie gifts featuring the image of a kangaroo, as well as some small timber figurine of kangaroo […]

Australian Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts Online from Australia Gift Shop.

Business events visitor expenditure in Australia is increasing strongly – including improved sales of Australian Aboriginal art corporate gifts. In a media release titled “Tourism Australia unveils ambitious growth plans for Business Events”, it states that according to industry research, there is “potential for the sector to grow overnight expenditure for business events visitors to […]

Aboriginal Art is Where Lightning Strikes

Aboriginal art paintings of power and authenticity are born out of interaction between spiritual intangibles and the touch of Indigenous humankind. Human creativity and Dreamtime creation intersect and connect to establish a current of inspiration that indelibly burns a surface with a poignant image. The artwork is that image and the canvas or artefact / […]

Australian-Made Corporate Gifts – Suggestions from Australia Gift Shop

The corporate gift buyer from the Sydney office of a large multinational company recently purchased some boxed boomerangs with display stands as business gifts for the members of a Japanese delegation visiting Australia for a conference. After making the transaction, she asked me the following question and added a couple of helpful comments: “Can you […]

Australis Opal Watches are gifts that capture the essence of Australia: Australia Gift Shop presents each Australian watch gift-boxed.

Australis Opal Watches are gifts for all occasions, whether personal or within the family or in a corporate or business situation. An Australis Opal Watch represents the perfect executive corporate gift for any Australian company or corporate office to give a highly-valued executive, business associate, employee in a branch office abroad or international client. Opal […]

Corporate Gift Ideas from the Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts Product Range

Australia Gift Shop offers an extensive range of stylish Aboriginal art products that are ideal as corporate gifts. Aboriginal art gift ideas vary from cultural Indigenous artefacts, through to watches, Yiyangu brand gift packs of body care products (for women), to tableware, home and office décor, artwork fruit bowls and nut bowls and wooden handpainted trinket boxes […]

Christmas Gifts Order Deadlines for 2013

Christmas gifts from Australia Gift Shop need to be purchased by the dates listed below, according to the delivery location ( Shipping Address ) of your order. ORDER DEADLINES FOR CUSTOMERS WISHING TO RECEIVE PURCHASES BY CHRISTMAS Location of Shipping Address Type of Shipping Date of Deadline USA, Canada, UK and Europe Standard Friday 6th […]

Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts from Australia Gift Shop include Boxed Boomerangs with Display Stands.

An events organiser responsible for sourcing corporate gifts for the Sydney office of a large multinational company recently purchased some boxed boomerangs with display stands featuring a variety of Australian Aboriginal art motifs. This is virtually an everyday occurrence. As is the case with all of the Aboriginal art products from Australia Gift Shop, the […]