Australian Themed Gifts For Men From Australia Gift Shop

“ Gifts For Men Featuring Australian Themes ” was the first flash of a title for this blog post. Luckily, I realised that the men don’t need to be distinctively Aussie, but men are the intended recipients for these gifts which are thematically and essentially Australian in character. In fact, Australia Gift Shop has a […]

Australis Opal Watches are gifts that capture the essence of Australia: Australia Gift Shop presents each Australian watch gift-boxed.

Australis Opal Watches are gifts for all occasions, whether personal or within the family or in a corporate or business situation. An Australis Opal Watch represents the perfect executive corporate gift for any Australian company or corporate office to give a highly-valued executive, business associate, employee in a branch office abroad or international client. Opal […]

Watch Susan Betts’ Australian Aboriginal Art Take Off On A Timepiece

Have you ever seen Aeroplane jelly fly? It has certainly been spread across our dining area like spaghetti across a broad Pro Hart canvas. It flew with flying colours on those occasions and its flying colours were second only to a trio of the most colourful aeroplane designs on earth. One of these three Qantas aircraft […]

Christmas Gifts and Corporate Gifts in an Australian Combo of Gifts for Women or Men from Australia Gift Shop.

Australian Gifts featuring Aboriginal art and Aussie icons are excellent as both corporate gifts and Christmas gifts, depending on the occasion. The Combo of Aussie Corporate Gifts for Women (or Christmas Gifts for Women ) is comprised of your selection of an Australian boulder opal watch or Aboriginal Art Watch, plus Bush Elements body care products […]