Boomerang Gifts : Iconic Australian artifacts - Returning and Hunting Boomerangs

Boomerang Gifts : Australian gift boomerangs featuring Aboriginal Art hand painted by Aboriginal Artists

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Boomerang Aboriginal Art Gifts

Boomerang - boomerangs featuring Aboriginal art hand painted by Australian Aboriginal artists : Made in Australia, Indigenous artifact

The above photograph shows 20" boomerangs displaying colourful Modern Aboriginal art designs.

All Indigenous artifacts and Aboriginal art products at Australia Gift Shop are made in Australia.

At Australia Gift Shop, every boomerang features Aboriginal art painted by Australian Aboriginal artists.

These artefacts are extremely popular as souvenirs of a visit to Australia, while the returning boomerangs are excellent gifts for all occasions for children (as a toy) and for active millennials (Gen Y), as a fun plaything, much like a hacky sack or a frisbee.

Aside from purchasing here online, you are also welcome to place orders and make purchases by email and over the phone. See our contact page for details (opens in new window).

Please visit boxed boomerangs if you are looking for Australian corporate gifts that are gift-boxed on timber display stands with brass plaques for engraving a company name or the title of a business event.

Product Categories » Boomerangs
A Returning Boomerang : with Blue Kangaroo design 14"
Product ID: FLYBOOM-14-B
Price: $17.33
A Returning Boomerang : with Red/Orange Kangaroo design 14"
Product ID: FLYBOOM-14-R
Price: $17.33
Boomerang : 12" Modern Hand Painted
Product ID: BMHP/MDR-12
Price: $23.10
Boomerang : 20" Modern Hand Painted
Product ID: BMHP/MDR-20
Price: $42.35
Boomerang : Traditional Hand Painted _ Available in 2 sizes
Product ID: BMHP/TRD
Price: $17.93
Genuine Returning Boomerang
Product ID: RET-BOOM
Price: $9.90
Out of Stock
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