Boxed Boomerang on a Display Stand featuring Aboriginal Art painted by an Aboriginal Artist

Gift Boxed Boomerangs : Australia's Classic Corporate Gifts

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Boxed Boomerang with a Display Stand

Boxed Boomerang, 10-inch, featuring Aboriginal art : Display stand has brass plaque custom engraved with name of business event / conference, foil printed logo on transparent lid of gift box : Made in Australia, Indigenous artifact hand painted by Aboriginal artist

The quintessential Australian corporate gift for conferences and other business events is the boxed boomerang. At Australia Gift Shop we specialise in corporate gifts that feature Aboriginal art designs painted by Australian Aboriginal artists.

The above photograph shows a 10" boomerang with display stand and gift box. It was one of hundreds of similar Indigenous artifacts prepared for a business conference held in May, 2017 in Sydney. For boxed boomerangs in corporate bulk orders (minimum 50 pieces) we can provide a custom engraved brass plaque [see image above] on each timber display stand and foil printed company logo / event logo on the transparent lid of the gift box.

Long after a corporate event, these professionally-finished and beautifully-presented corporate gifts are popular for displaying on desks in executive offices, on company counters and in corporate boardrooms and foyers. They are promotional gifts that keep giving because they continue to express the giver's gratitude plus respect and appreciation for the delegates who attended their conference, convention or other business event.

Australia Gift Shop offers boxed boomerangs in three sizes : 6", 10" and 14". The timber display stand is included in the gift box with the boomerang. By default, the display stand has a brass plaque attached that displays generic text: "Hardwood Boomerang / Australian Made Artefact".

Even if you order only one boxed boomerang (except from the Black Wattle Series), we are happy to supply you with unattached blank plaques (with tear-off adhesive backing) so that you can have your local engraver engrave custom text on the brass plaque. On request, we supply the blank plaques free of charge. However, the Black Wattle Series Boxed Boomerangs are the exception due to the unavailability of blank plaques shaped like the map of Australia.

 When you purchase online, there is a message box where you can type in additional information, such as asking for blank plaques, for example,

Orders and purchases can also be made by email and over the phone. See our contact page for details (opens in new window).

See our video about Australian corporate gifts - boxed boomerang display stand options (opens in new window).

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Boxed Boomerang : Aboriginal Art Modern Hand Painted with Display Stand
Product ID: BBX-MOD+Stand
View Engraving for Business Event
Price: $20.35
Boxed Boomerang : Black Wattle Series Hand Painted with Display Stand
Product ID: BBX-BW+Stand
Price: $20.90
Boxed Boomerang : Classic Traditional Hand Painted with Display Stand
Product ID: BBX-CLSC-TRD+Stand
View Engraving for Business Event
Price: $17.60