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Categories of Australian Gifts and Aboriginal Art Corporate Gifts in Australia Gift Shop's Online Store

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Australia Gift Shop sells exclusively Australian made corporate gifts, Indigenous artifacts and gift products featuring Aboriginal art by Aboriginal artists.
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Australian Corporate Gift
Australian Corporate Gift products include gift boxed boomerangs with display stands, coffee table books featuring Steve Parish Australian photographs, framed Aboriginal art paintings, Aboriginal artifacts with display stands, Don Sheil handmade metal art tableware, Aboriginal art watches and hotel room gifts such as boomerang-shaped trinket boxes.

Event professionals love our select range of corporate gifts for business events and conferences. Custom engraving is available on the plaques on display stands of the Aboriginal gifts (boxed boomerangs and clap sticks) and on Don Sheil metal artwork.

Custom printing of business or event name or logo on or in Aboriginal artifact gift-boxes is also popular in relation to gifting conference and symposium guest speakers and attendees.

Boxed Boomerangs
Boxed Boomerangs are our most popular corporate gifts. Each one includes a timber display stand with a brass plaque. The box has a clear plastic lid which allows for visibility of the gift box contents during presentation.

These beautiful artifacts are hand painted by Aboriginal artists and feature either a Classic traditional Indigenous design or a modern Aboriginal Dot Art design.
They are ideal as display objects on an office desk, counter or book shelf and are the perfect distinctively Australian corporate gift for business conference delegates from overseas.

* We frequently incorporate custom engraving on the brass plaques of display stands that come with the boxed boomerangs. Printing of your business name and/or event logo on the boomerang gift-boxes adds a professional personalised touch.

Boxed Clapsticks
Boxed Clapsticks, also known as Aboriginal music sticks are increasingly popular corporate gifts. Each pair of clap sticks includes a timber display stand with a brass plaque. The box has a clear plastic lid which allows for visibility of the gift box contents during presentation.

These beautiful artifacts feature either an Aboriginal Classic traditional design or a modern Aboriginal art design or Indigenous Dot Art design of high artistic quality.

They are ideal as display objects on an office desk, counter or book shelf and are the perfect distinctively Australian corporate gift for business conference delegates from overseas.

<< * See the description of the boxed boomerangs for a summary regarding custom engraved and printed boxed clapsticks.

Our Corporate Gift Books are coffee table books or souvenir gift books that showcase the best of Australia with style.
All publications in this range of corporate gifts feature Australiana pictures by Steve Parish, the famous Australian photographer.

Our Australian gift and souvenir books contain professional photos of iconic scenes, landscapes and native wildlife of Australia. They are wonderful as corporate gifts for Australians to give foreign clients as a show of appreciation while on overseas business trips.

Also, these all-Aussie books are ideal as gifts for guests or corporate colleagues visiting Australia for international business conferences, multinational corporation conventions and trade meetings.

Corporate Gifts featuring Aussie icons or Australian Aboriginal Art are ideal for guest speakers and attendees at international business events held in Australia. Australia Gift Shop's Aboriginal art corporate gifts are hand painted by Aboriginal artists.

These beautiful objects are truly distinctively Australian. They include boxed boomerangs and boxed clapsticks with timber display stands.There is a brass plaque on each stand which can be custom engraved with the event or business name. Custom printing is also available on the gift box that each artifact and its display stand is packaged in.

Iconic Aussie designs, such as the flowering gum design, feature on Don Sheil metal art tableware (plates and bowls). These pieces are handmade in Melbourne and can be custom engraved for any personal, business or corporate occasion.

Handmade Australian corporate gifts of metal artwork by Don Sheil of Melbourne are ideal for international corporate and industry conferences and other global business events. Australia Gift Shop offers practical options for these exquisite tableware pieces, including custom engraving and gift packaging.

We can have the studio artisans custom engrave text or a laser engraved business or event logo on the metal plates, bowls or coasters. If you would like the corporate gift items professionally gift boxed, then we also provide that option.

Don Sheil hand crafted tableware is made from a unique alloy with each piece having the enduring beauty of silver without the drawbacks. It will neither tarnish nor impart a metallic taste and ... IT NEVER NEEDS POLISHING! Australian event professionals searching for high quality handmade executive gifts need search no further than Don Sheil metal art tableware.

Top 10 awesome gift ideas for Australian-made gifts and corporate gifts featuring Aboriginal art are embodied in these enchanting objects available at Australia Gift Shop. Our authentic Aboriginal art gifts are imbued with the magic of Australian Indigenous art designs and motifs. We love these beautiful gifts and feel that they're among the best of the best. We hope you do too!
Aboriginal Art Gallery of Australian Indigenous artworks by major Aboriginal artists of Australia
Australia Gift Shop sells quality Aboriginal art gifts. These include :

Classic traditional designs, colourful modern designs and dot art designs hand-painted on boomerangs.
Our Aboriginal artefacts / artifacts are hand-painted in various Aboriginal art styles by Australian Aboriginal artists.
They include emu callers, bullroarers and clap sticks or music sticks. Emu callers and clap sticks can be purchased with timber display stands bearing a brass plaque. These make ideal corporate gifts, especially the boxed clapsticks.
Bush Elements Body Care
Place Mats
Tableware sets at Australia Gift Shop are all Australian-made and feature Aboriginal art designs. Each set consists of 6 place mats and 6 coasters. All of our table ware placemats and coasters displays authentic Aboriginal art designs and are durable and cork-backed. Each tableware set comes packaged in two gift boxes - one containing six place mats and another containing six drink coasters.
Homeware / Home Decor / Homewares / Home Decor Gifts
Our Australian Watches include the Aboriginal Art Watch range and Australis Opal Watches that incorporate boulder opal from Australia into the dial of the watch. These opal timepieces are particularly sophisticated gift items. The Australian Aboriginal Art Watches and the Australis Opal Watches are all excellent quality gifts for all occasions, including those requiring stylishly exquisite corporate gifts.
Hats and Bags
Jewellery featuring Aboriginal art at Australia Gift Shop is all Australian made. Necklaces and bracelets displaying Aboriginal symbols hand painted on message stones are available in this beautiful product range of jewelry gifts.

The symbols include Dreamtime, Friendship, Happiness, Health, Love, Luck, Togetherness and Wealth. Each symbol employs a predominant colour and traditional Indigenous dot art design to interpret aspects of life, relationships and myth of the Australian Aborigines.

Books and Stationery
Children's books at Australia Gift Shop are Australian books for young readers and pre-readers mainly between 0 and 12 years of age. This collection of Aussie literature has a strong focus on Australian wildlife, nature and conservation of the environment. Each book is designed for children and early adolescents to have fun while learning about the world around them. Some of the books provide factual information while involving kids in specific fun educational activities, such as colouring books for different Australian habitats. The joy of reading is a gift for every child.
Mouse Pads or Mouse Mats featuring Australian Aboriginal art. Every mouse pad is made in Australia like all of the Indigenous art gifts at Australia Gift Shop.
Australiana Souvenirs include miscellaneous Australian Gifts that inimitably represent Australia and distinctively Aussie souvenir items. These make ideal mementos for foreign visitors, backpackers and tourists to the Land Down Under. Australiana souvenir items are cool gifts and trinkets for Aussies to take overseas as presents for friends and family living abroad and to give to people they meet overseas. These items are also purchased by Aussie expats to give to friends and colleagues abroad.
Macadamia Nuts and Vegemite
Discount Sale - Australiana Gifts
is a huge sellout sale of all our remaining non-Australian Made & Discontinued Products.

Discounts of 30%, 50% and even, 60% are offered because this is the final stage in phasing out all products not made in Australia.
When these last few items made overseas are sold, we will only stock Australian-made products.
Discounted Australiana gifts at Australia Gift Shop include a koala trolley bag for little Aussie travellers, a cool carry bag with an embroidered koala and mobile phone holder, fragrant oils featuring Aussie bush scents, plywood returning boomerangs, plus lots more beaut Aussie gifts.

Gifts from around the world
Gifts from around the world is a gift department at Australia Gift Shop that offers exotic hand-made gifts from traditional cultures across the planet. These beautiful objects are both global gifts and artisan gifts. At this stage, countries and cultures represented include Bhutan, Buddhist culture, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Nepal, Thailand and Tibet.