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Corporate Gifts from Australia for business events and conference delegates : Distinctively Australian Corporate Gift featuring Aboriginal Art

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Australian corporate gifts that feature Aboriginal art are a speciality of Australia Gift Shop. These corporate gift items help facilitate the expression of connection and gratitude are highly prized as presents for business visitors to Australia and for Aussie business representatives and ambassadors in corporate, diplomatic, medical and educational fields to give foreign corporate and business colleagues and associates while on a business trip overseas or while working abroad.

Presenting a conference delegate or business visitor from overseas with an Aussie corporate gift is the perfect way to show your appreciation for their good work or business affiliation.

Our distinctively
Australian corporate gifts unmistakably represent Australia. They make ideal mementos for foreign delegates at conferences, conventions, business events and meetings, whether hosted within Australia or at a venue overseas organised by Australian-based corporations, companies and other businesses or involving Australian offices or branches of multinational companies and corporations.

Corporate Gifts featuring Aussie or Aboriginal Art of Australia
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40cm Mini Didgeridoo : Hand Painted
40cm Mini-Didgeridoo - Hand-Painted
Price: $29.70
40cm Mini Didgeridoo with Stand
40cm Mini-Didgeridoo with Stand
Price: $48.95
8" Plate with Aboriginal Art Brolga Design on Hand Crafted Metal
Product ID: PLT8X-BG
About the Artist
Price: $93.50
Out of Stock
8" Plate with Australiana Flowering Gum Design on Hand Crafted Metal
Product ID: PLT8X-FG
Metal Artwork by Don Sheil
View Engraving for Business Events
Price: $93.50
8" Plate with Swirl Design on Hand Crafted Metal
Product ID: PLT8X-SW
Metal Artwork by Don Sheil
Price: $93.50
:: A Mini Souvenir Book: Australia [ Softcover w/ Steve Parish Photography ]
Product ID: sp0638
Minimum of 10 books per order. Sold only in quantity.
Price: $7.95
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