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Homeware Gifts / Home Decor : Australian-made Homewares with Aboriginal Art Designs

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Home Decor & Homeware featuring Australian Aboriginal Art

All our homeware and home décor objects are made in Australia and feature Aboriginal art designs by Aboriginal artists.

Australia Gift Shop's all-Aussie Aboriginal art homeware range of products consists of visually elegant home decor gifts that feature distinctive and beautiful Indigenous art design motifs.

Aboriginal art homewares and home décor items include cushion covers, kangaroo, koala and crocodile hand-painted figurines, framed Aboriginal artifacts and Aboriginal art paintings on canvas / wall art, photo frames, display plates with stands, kitchen decor (wooden spoons and wine holders / stoppers), trinket boxes and timber vases.

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40cm Mini Didgeridoo : Hand Painted
40cm Mini-Didgeridoo - Hand-Painted
Price: $29.70
:: A Mini Didgeridoo Stand : Black Lacquered
Product ID: STND-DGP
Stand for Mini-Didgeridoo - Black-Lacquered
Price: $15.51
:: Aboriginal Art Framed Artifact : 4 options
Price: $38.50
:: Aboriginal Art Framed Canvas : in 4 sizes
Product ID: AA-FR-CAN
Price: $26.95
:: Cushion Cover Set of 2 featuring Aboriginal Art Design #04
Product ID: 2CSN-COVER-04
Price: $49.50
:: Cushion Cover Set of 2 featuring Aboriginal Art Design #05
Product ID: 2CSN-COVER-05
Price: $49.50
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